Walking the Hexagon

An escape around France on foot

Published by Signal Books www.signalbooks.co.uk

£12.99 paperback

ISBN 978-1908493033

288 pages; 53 black and white photographs; 15 maps.

Chapter Headings: Introduction (why walk?); the Pyrenees; The Country of the Cathars; The Languedoc; The Cévennes and the Ardèche; The Rhône and the Alps of Upper Provence; The Alps; The Jura; Alsace and the Vosges Mountains; From Lorraine to the Northern Plains; From Le Nord to the Channel; Normandy; Brittany; The Vendée and the Saintonge; Aquitaine; Postscript.

Each chapter describes the regions through which I passed, the people I met and the adventures I had on the way. I relate how my elderly parents' health problems interrupted my walk.  My journey helped me come to terms with their growing dementia.

This book is about my personal adventure walking around France. It is not a guide book.This web site contains information for those who might want to follow my route.



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